Governance, Policies, Procedures & Forms


ISA Memorandum of Understanding

ISA Operating Agreement 

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Form

Biennial Change of Leadership Policy

Executive Committee Policy

Vice Presidential Nominations Policy

ISA Council of Representatives Policy

ISA Leadership Workshop Policy

Projects and Programs Proposal Policy

MW-TCC Prize Distribution Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy – General

Travel Reimbursement Policy – Board of Directors

Travel Reimbursement Policy – Officers

Travel Authorization Form

Travel Reimbursement Form


Job Descriptions

Communications Outline

Communications Liaison

Communications Responsibilities 

MW-TCC Outline

MW-TCC Liaison

MW-TCC Local Arrangements Coordinator

MW-TCC Field Operations Coordinator

MW-TCC Judges and Volunteers Coordinator

MW-TCC Executive Director

Conference Outline

Conference Local Arrangements Coordinator

Awards Liaison

Database Coordinator

Elections Liaison

Finance Committee Duties

Immediate Past President

Membership Liaison

Sponsorship Liaison