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Midwestern Chapter – Tree Climbing Championships

The 2015 Midwestern Chapter – Tree Climbing Championship (MW-TCC) entertained a large and enthusiastic crowd this year at HanscomPark in Omaha, Nebraska. Thirty five competitors demonstrated their skills while an even larger number of volunteers worked tirelessly under the leadership of MW-TCC Liaison J. David Mattox.

The many volunteers worked long hours for three days to successfully stage this challenging activity and it is important to recognize the tremendous amount of hard work that is required to pull it off each and every year. Just as important, and often overlooked, are the long months of planning that precede the actual contest.

Several individuals played a critical role in supporting J. David by managing key aspects of the event. John Wynn, as Local Arrangements Coordinator, furnished excellent park facilities, municipal support and spectacular trees. Tim Crews, Field Operations Coordinator, set up the entire site and supervised all climbing activities. Dan Mekkes served as a technical advisor and provided expertise and guidance throughout the long weekend. And Larry and Terri Torpy worked incessantly at arranging sponsorships, assisted on site and took excellent care of the climbers and volunteers.

The Midwestern Chapter is deeply indebted to all of our treasured volunteers and intrepid competitors who invest so much time and effort in this exhibition year after year after year. The logistics associated with such a complicated activity are extensive and we are deeply indebted to the many individuals who invested so much time and effort.

The result of all this demanding work was yet another outstanding competition. HanscomPark proved to be an ideal location for our event and we have already begun planning for next year’s MW-TCC at the same location


2016 Midwestern Chapter Conference – Kansas City 

Kansas City has been selected as the location for the 2016 Midwestern Chapter Annual Conference and Trade Show. Harrah’s North Kansas City will host our event which will be held on February 3 - 5. Tim McDonnell, Greg Ruether and Sarah Crowder are teaming up to shepherd the event at the local level and we are very grateful that they have graciously offered so much of their time, effort and experience to the Chapter.

Watch the Chapter Web site (www.mwisa.org) for developing information and please contact me if you would like to be involved in exhibiting or sponsoring this most valuable Chapter function.


Chapter Communications

The Midwestern Chapter Web site is being updated and upgraded under the leadership of Gina Branch, our newly minted Chapter Communications Liaison. Tremendous progress has been made in making the site more user friendly and in adding a great deal of helpful and interesting content. Be sure to check the site regularly and let us know if there is any particular Chapter information or industry news that you would like to see posted.

Gina is also the design and implementation talent behind the re-launch of our electronic newsletter, Shade Tree Leaves. We hope you are pleased with the new direction we are taking and encourage you to contact either of us with any and all ideas, thoughts, opinions, suggestions and insights you might have to help us improve this publication.


Rick Tagtow
Executive Director
Midwestern Chapter - International Society of Arboriculture



Midwestern Chapter - ISA Annual Conference and Trade Show 

February 3-5, 2016
Harrah's North Kansas City
Kansas City










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