Midwestern Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture
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Awards Program - Midwestern Chapter


The Midwestern Chapter of ISA annually recognizes individuals, groups, or organizations that have performed meritorious service in advancing the principles and practices of arboriculture and contributed significantly and unselfishly towards the progress of the Chapter.  Award winners are recognized each year at the MW ISA annual conference.  Awards are presented in six categories including:

  • AWARD OF MERIT: Recognizes outstanding meritorious service in advancing the principles, ideals, and practices of arboriculture. Granted only to members of the MW Chapter of ISA.
  • AUTHOR’S AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Recognizes authors of outstanding publications, news stories, radio and television programs for sustained excellence in the dissemination of timely information pertaining to the field of arboriculture. The information provided must have impact on the Midwest chapter audience.
  • PRESIDENT’S AWARD:  Recognizes an individual, group, company or agency that has provided a significant impact in the field of arboriculture during the previous two years.  This award would be presented at the discretion of the current MW Chapter ISA President.
  • AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT:  Granted to members of the Midwest Chapter ISA only, this award recognizes sustained outstanding effort or contribution to the advancement of ISA within the Chapter. 
  • HONORARY MEMBERSHIP:  Recognizes individuals or groups who are not members of the Midwest Chapter who have provided outstanding or noteworthy service in promoting arboriculture within the Chapter.  Recipients will have made material contributions to the advancement of arboriculture through research, field practice, promotion, invention or literature.  They should have an ongoing interest and may include individuals, groups or organizations. 
  • HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  Bestowed upon members of the Midwest Chapter that have contributed materially and substantially to the progress of arboriculture in the Midwest Chapter and have given unselfishly in their efforts to support and advance arboriculture. 

In addition the Chapter presented the Arbor Day Gold Leaf Award.  The Gold Leaf Award is designed to recognize an individual, organization, or community in the Midwestern Chapter area for outstanding Arbor Day programs or community landscape beautification projects. This is an opportunity for the Midwestern Chapter to recognize projects that have had an impact on a community or region with an international award. Projects should show an impact over several years. 


Gold Leaf Nomination Award Form 

MW ISA Chapter Awards Nomination Form 


If you know an individual or group that has performed meritorious service in advancing the principles and practices of arboriculture, produced an outstanding publication or media program, contributed significantly and unselfishly towards the progress of the Chapter, held a unique or noteworthy Arbor Day activity, or completed a significant community landscape project, this is a great opportunity to recognize your peers, associates, citizens or other individuals.  


Wonder who has won in the past?  Meet the 2016 MWISA award winners!

                                                        2015 MWISA Award Winners
                                                        Past Award Winners.
                                                        Past Gold Leaf Award Winners





For more information on the MW Chapter Awards, please contact Brett O’Brien, Chapter Awards Liaison. Brett.obrien@como.gov  (573)874-7489


ISA Awards Programs -  http://www.isa-arbor.com/events/awardsprograms/index.aspx



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Executive Director’s Branch

September 17, 2012

Vice President and Board of Directors Election


The ballot for this year’s election of the Vice-President and Board of Directors for the Midwestern Chapter – ISA is included in this newsletter. The candidate biographies can be viewed on the Chapter website. Please review these resumes and cast your vote by completing, stamping and mailing the pre-addressed ballot by December 15th.


2013 Midwestern Chapter Conference – St. Louis


Registration for the Midwestern Chapter Annual Conference and Trade Show, to be held at The Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Hotel on February 6- 8, will be managed again this year through the Midwestern Chapter website. The Local Arrangements Team is being assembled by President Mike Sestric who will serve as this year’s Conference Local Arrangements Coordinator. Once again, Chip Doolittle will administer the trade show and Skip Kincaid will manage conference presentations and speakers.


As always, Conference particulars will be posted on the Chapter website just as soon as they become available so keep checking back. There you will find all the information you need to register for the 2013 conference as well as all of the details concerning the host hotel.


Chapter Awards


Maggie Jackson, Midwestern Chapter Awards Liaison, continues to work hard at locating deserving recipients for our wide variety of Chapter awards. Please take a moment to look at the available awards and contact Maggie (maggiefj@charter.net) with your nominees for these prestigious honors.


Upcoming Annual Conferences and Trade Shows


As announced during the Membership Business Meeting in Overland Park, our 2014 Conference and Trade Show will be held in Iowa at a site yet to be determined. Negotiations are currently underway with a number of excellent facilities throughout the state and the Iowa Arborists Association is actively involved in assisting with this project.


Also announced during the Membership Business Meeting was the opportunity for communities to provide at-large proposals for hosting the 2015 conference. If you are interested in investigating the opportunity to serve as the Conference Local Arrangement Coordinator and host the Annual Conference in your locality, please contact me for details on how to make a bid. In the absence of an approved at-large proposal the Chapter will continue the established conference host rotation and return to the Omaha, Nebraska area in 2015.


Rick Tagtow
Executive Director



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